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Maternity Services
All women need access to antenatal care in pregnancy, we provide all care.
Zero Prevenlable Maternal and Newborn Deaths and high qualily of maternity care delivered with dignity and respect
Motherhood is a divine emotion and an incomparable feeling. A mother shares the most beautiful & strongest bond with her child. Taking care of the Baby 24 Hours a day is not easy and the whole family awaits the arrival of the child. It makes her the happiest person on the earth. However this happiness comes with a responsibility. We are fully equipped for you to have a Painless Natural Delivery or an Emergency Caesarian Delivery.
Normal full terms delivery
Caesarian Section Delivery+
Regular check-ups
The key to protecting the health of your baby is to get regular Prenatal care. Getting Prenatal care as soon as you know you are pregnant (or, if possible, a while before you conceive), and seeing your health care provider regularly as your pregnancy progresses, is vital to yours and your baby’s health.
You should have your first examination during the first 6–8 weeks of your pregnancy, during which your doctor will figure out exactly how many weeks pregnant you are based on a physical examination and the date of your last period.